BotCode was started in 2007 by Dr. Jagdish Devarajan with a mission of delivering cutting edge enterprise solutions in a scalable and affordable manner.

About BotCode

BotCode was started in 2007 and specializes in delivering customized IT solutions for international clients. BotCode counts among its customers some of the world's most respected innovators in travel, retail and social media. BotCode also provides web harvesting solutions to small and medium sized firms as well as promising growth-stage companies pursuing data-driven business models.

As expectations in business demand in increasing efficiency and effectiveness, BotCode's business model is its inherent strength. We utilize the sharpest talent from where it makes the best economic sense, allowing for us to serve you with the least acceptable risk possible. The large majority of our revenue is generated through our existing customers, showing our commitment to long-term client relationships.

BotCode’s outsourcing services are inherently measurable in their value to your business, ensuring appreciable return on your investment. Our high value and high quality services are efficient and responsive, allowing your company to focus on long-term strategic goals instead of short-term tactical movement.


Dr. Jagdish Devarajan | BotCode Technologies

Dr. Jagdish Devarajan
Founder, BotCode Technologies

BotCode was started as a Data Bot company in 2005 from Jagdish's clinic. His passion for programming and computers from his school days persisted through the years which met with an opportunity to programmatically acquire publicly available data for many fortune 500 companies during the Web 2.0 era. BotCode ran services until 2016 building numerous front ends for major USA brands.

In 2016, BotCode along with additional partners created a Social CRM platform for WeChat enabling marquee customers leverage WeChat to reach out to the Chinese audience.

BotCode is now transformed into a Bot and Data company with AI at the heart of all its initiatives.

New directives for the company

AXONS - Medical algorithms to decipher disease will democratize AI at the point of healthcare delivery

FirstClinic - The first point of medical care to enable patient safety and convenience with thier own medical data that integrates with AXONS.

QuestionAir - Lessons practice for Schools and higher Ed, using ChatBots

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